Wednesday Reads

Every Wednesday I review a book I've recently read. The purpose to show you not only some of my favorites, and to showcase some recent books, but also to give you a little insight into how a publishing professional's mind works while she's reading. I talk about everything from the first sentence to the ending, from the voice to character development.(Please note, posts older than January 2013 include a feature "would I represent it"--take from this how an agent's mind works but please remember I no longer represent authors.)

A listing of my Wednesday Reads. Easily catch up as well as find new favorites. Listed by YA or Adult, from newest to oldest. Some of my genres are loosely labeled (what I've called Urban Fantasy might be considered Fantasy or Romantic Urban Fantasy, or Dystopian could be Post-Apocalyptic, or Supernatural could be Paranormal). (Please note, this is not a complete listing of my Wednesday Reads, updates to come soon.)

Young Adult: