Friday, July 12, 2013

MEME Writers Block

Fridays always feel like Chinese food sort of days, and what's takeout without a fortune cookie? Thus, Fridays will bring you tips, tricks, advice, and some riddles that might apply to everything but will turn a light bulb on in your head (or maybe I just like talking like Yoda).

So he doesn't talk like Yoda, he sure looks pretty!

Don't let the sun fry your brain cells. Set yourself a goal of x-amount of words a day and do it! Even if you end up writing a love scene between the ice-cream truck man and fuzzy slippers in 80-degree weather lady. Get those juices flowing.

Happy Summer Writing!


Martha Ramirez said...


Karen Clayton said...

Yes, but writing with three boys at home during the summer is a bit of a challenge. I even try to get them into the spirit, but again with three boys that's like herding cats.

I did get my 13 year old to co-author and self publish with me. The book is a MG urban fantasy, Mason Davis and the Rise of the Storm Makers, and it is available on Amazon.

I was pretty happy about that success. Getting a boy to write is like wrestling with a rusty lawn chair at the beach. And now that the book is out, my 9 year-old wants to write too. Maybe I'll raise a family of writers.

brenda said...

That's the only way I can reach my daily count. 500 hundred before I go to work, some between meetings and at lunch, and the rest after my mom duties and the gym.

Heather said...

He does indeed look good, so we'll let the non-Yoda speach slide. ;) Great advice. In fact, I think I'll get writing now!

Tom martin said...


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