Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's This?!

One year ago, one month ago, one week ago... let's just say it: yesterday I hadn't imagined I'd give into the craze.  Me blogging?  But if there is one thing I have learned in my four months as an intern, reader, and assistant agent at a literary agency, and that one busy weekend at the PNWA conference, it's that blogging matters.  If you don't have web presence, and you aren't already best friends with Oprah, you aren't anything.

Ok, not true.  You are potential.  We tell aspiring authors to get blogs all the time--but as I began exploring the world of blogging this morning, I decided that anyone's voice needs to be out there in the community they want to participate in.  Artist, engineer, school teacher, president, opera singer.  If you have expertise, share it.  If you want expertise, look for it.  If, like me, you are pure potential, on the cusp of breaking out of the cocoon into the beautiful butterfly everyone will aspire to be (I hope I have purple wings), well, share that too.

I'm not what you would call technically savvy.  I'm resistant to technology.  My cell phones have all tried committing suicide to get away from me (one succeeded by leaping from my pocket as an industrial toilet flushed--uh, bu-bye).  With a real fear that technology will take over my life and squeeze the living essence, personality, and uniqueness out of me, I try to stay away from it.  But I can no longer live in fear--besides, that would make me a hypocrite.  This blog is, in part, for all those aspiring authors out there that I have told to get a blog.  I didn't have one myself, and yet I was telling them to get past their insecurities and establish themselves in their communities.

So here I am, about to share the trials and tribulations, joys and achievements of my career (the tiny caterpillar that it is).  I've got my scissors, my wings are furled, I'm ready to take that plunge off the branch into the abyss beneath me.

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