Monday, November 7, 2011


If you get stuck while writing a scene there are four things you can do to get moving again that never fail: kill a character, write a kissing scene, add zombies, or blow something up. --Stephanie Allen. Visit her blog at My Personal Fairytale (here) and follow her on Twitter (here).

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Happy writing!


Juliana said...

I like this advice, though it's not mine: "You can't fix what you don't write. Don't get hung up on making it perfect the first time out; get the story down. Then go back and make it better." by Jackie Morse Kessler, Author of HUNGER

Now, one advice from me:
I want writing to be my career, so I need to treat writing as a job. Even when a little sick or not in the mood, everyone has to work, right? That's the same for writing. A book won't write itself. Sometimes, the only way to get it done, is to force it out and write it ...
If I waited to be in the mood to write, I wouldn't write about 4-6k words everyday.


Leigh Caron said...

Master....the art if B.I.C. technique,(Butt I Chair).

Stephen Kozeniewski said...

As you walk down that road of life remember: just because it says "non-toxic" doesn't mean you should eat it.

Kimberlee Turley said...

Write the parts you do know. If a scene is troubling, skip to the next one and leave a [some stuff happens] note.

Writing a later scene, then recognizing how the first scene could contribute to current the character motivations and plot advancement, usually gets me through my writer's block.

Just Another Day in Paradise said...

FIRST,I like your advice about killing someone off or writing a kissing scene. If you can combine the two, like killing someone after a hot kissing scene or a hot kissing scene immediately after killing off one of those parties all the better.

MY ADVICE for when I get stuck; go get neck deep. Neck deep in water. Preferably salt water, but a nice pool will do. If nothing else is available take a shower or a bath.

The velvet calm of the water washes all the stress away and you mind is free to float. This is practical advice anyone can do. You don't have to wrap your head around it, just get wet. Try it, you'll like it. Your muse will love it. Your muse will love you for it. Works for me and many of my character,of course they're 'water people'

Find me and the water at or I'm @byrem on twitter.

Currently up to my ass in Nano and my neck in water. Having the time of my life.

Angela Cothran said...

I LOVE Stephanie's advice. Killing people is always a great way to get things moving.

My advice: Twists aren't just for the end of a story. Use them from the beginning so readers never know what to expect.

E said...

There are three Ts to writing:


The first will come from perfecting the other two.

Martha Ramirez said...


Pique curiosity. Raise questions. Keep the scene active. Don't look back.


Rigzy said...

This is such good advice, I kind of want to put all four together:

Cause an explosion that kills two people off while they're kissing, then reanimate them.