Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Madness: What to Expect from the Madness

Hope everyone enjoyed the January Query Month and February Requests Month. This month, the topic is: No Topic! AKA, March Madness. I'll be talking about things that don't really fit into my planned Topic Months. Not exactly a Q&A sort of month, more like me rambling about "important" things. Also, I'm taking a reprieve from Wednesday Reads this month (I apologize profusely to your TBR stacks). I've had too much on my plate/Kindle the last few weeks and haven't read anything besides manuscripts lately. Not to worry, Wednesday Reads will be back with a vengeance in April (I apologize profusely to your TBR stacks).

In April, the topic will be Offers of Representation. What to do when that offer comes. What to do when multiple offers come. Etc.

In May, the topic will be Conferences, to get you ready for a summer of awesome, er, conference season.

In June, I'll be taking a much needed blog hiatus (yes, I just had one in December, but to keep the blog fresh, and my inbox happy--read empty--I'll need another one).

Meanwhile, don't forget that this month is NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month) (who is participating?). I wrote an article on Self-Editing you can check out here. Also, Cupid's Literary Connection is having an awesomely awesome event that you will want to stay tuned for (you may be seeing my name pop up somewhere--you just never know) so keep your eyes out for more info on that right here. 

Anything else we should be keeping our eyes peeled for this month?

Happy writing!


Mary Weber said...

Ooh, I like this March Madness topic. Can we all wear Mad Hatter hats while reading each post? And we could drink tea! And periodically yell, “Off with their heads!!!”

Looking forward to it. ;0)

Mart Ramirez said...

Looking forward to reading you rambling about important things :)

Also looking frwd to April and May topics.

Thanks for the links!

Gia said...

NaNoEdMo? First time I heard of that!

Veronica Bartles said...

I've been trying to read your post about self-editing for days, but I keep getting error messages every time I click on it - no matter which site I try to click the link from :(

Andrea said...

Yes, what is NaNoEdMo?

Vickie Motter said...

NaNoEdMo is National Novel Editing Month.


Anonymous said...

What is your response time? I can't seem to find it.