Friday, June 1, 2012

June Hiatus

Hi all!

I'm taking a hiatus from blogging during the month of June. I'll return with more topic months and Wednesday Reads.

During my hiatus you will see nothing from me on the blog. No updates, no Wednesday Reads. Zilch.

I am not taking a break from agenting. Queries will get answered. Partial and full mss will get read.

Keep your fingers crossed for some Northwest sunshine!

Happy summering!


Unknown said...

Enjoy your break! We all need it every once and a while.

Mary Weber said...

Yay for you! We'll miss you, but that's mainly because you spoil us so well. ;) Have a lovely (and hopefully lazy) summertime blog break!

In the words of you, "Happy reading." :0)

Andrea said...

I don't blame you but look forward to your return. You give good infor in your blog.

Anonymous said...

I was just looking at your About Me/Query Me page. I then looked up High Fantasy on Wikipedia. The confusing this is that Wikipedia mentions CS Lewis's Narnia books as being High Fantasy while you call site TLTWATW as Low Fantasy. By the definition Wikipedia gives Harry Potter perhaps would be low fantasy but The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe would still be High Fantasy as Narnia is a completely separate world? I really don't know and I'm trying to make sense of the two conflicting definitions and what it is that you don't want to represent in YA fantasy as opposed to what you do want. I gather what you are saying you don't want is books that mention this world at all?

Anjelica said...

Hey, Anon. As a fantasy writer, this is a problem that I've come across when compiling a list of agents to query to. Basically, Narnia is considered Low Fantasy because Narnia is rooted our world: the characters start in our world and then find themselves in a new world, so it isn't a completely separate world, as opposed to a fantasy novel that takes place entirely in a separate world with non-Earth characters. For some reason, I'm totally blanking on solid examples of this--my apologies. While I can't speak to what Vickie is and isn't looking for in terms of her fantasy requests, that's generally the distinction between high (or epic) and low fantasies. Hope this helps!

T.V. Wade said...

Great posst thank you

T.V. Wade said...

Greaat reading this