Friday, January 7, 2011

At the Agency

It's been a while since I updated you guys in the world of Agentdom.  The new year has brought a few changes to the agency, and many good things.  As you probably noticed, I'm now listed as a full agent (I have a full inbox to prove it) here.  More on that later, I'll dedicate another post to the whirlwind that is my career (eek!). 

One (semi) new service the agency is offering is "The First Fifty", in which you get your first fifty pages critiqued by an expert editor in your genre (info here).  This is a fabulous opportunity for any writer to get an unbiased opinion by an expert, and you can be rest assured the editor is qualified and highly experienced (just in case you thought of going to Craigslist for an editing fix--beware). 

While it's not my book, the entire agency is excited about it.  SPCA is backing a book written by Terri Crisp, dog rescuer extraordinaire, about the rescue of dogs and cats befriended by our troops in the middle east.  (Operations Baghdad Pups here) The book is due in February and we are all pitching in to get it spotless (and each chapter has me closer to tears). 

Just before Christmas, Whidbey Island local Marie de Haan, and Just Write regular, had a book release party to celebrate her self published memoir "Cancer is a Funny Thing: A Humorous Look at the Bright Side of Cancer... And There Is One" (info here) (at Amazon) (look for my review in Wednesday Reads in the next month).

On January 15th, Andrea is holding an all day writing retreat on beautiful Whidbey Island (info here), at which she'll run writers through a few exercises, answer some questions, but mostly it's a quiet, beautiful retreat at which to write. 

Just Write on the Pier is still every Wednesday at the pier in Coopeville.  If you're in the area, stop by from 2-4 to meet with other writers, Andrea, write, and take in the beauty off the pier (and have some very delicious coffee at the cafe). 

Happy Writing!


ChristaCarol Jones said...

Looks beautiful. Wish I lived closer! And congrats on the full agent title!

Heather said...

I love the picture of the dung beetle! LOL! I'll be eagerly looking forward to Terri's book. That sounds like a beautiful focus on a terrible tragedy. I wish I was in the area of Whidbey Island, that sounds like an excellent retreat. I'll pass the info on to two of my Seattle based friends though!

Unknown said...

The retreat sounds great, although I couldn't write with that many other folks around. I rather envy the writers who can get into that creative place without solitude and silence.
Good luck on working your way through the rest of the inbox.

Huntress said...

I can't wait for the details of your self-inflicted 'whirlwind' and what makes you Eek.

Unknown said...

I totally understand the process of editing, and all of the insight the second and third times through a work can lend help to sculpt a sharper more concise presentation of continuity and content. I am dealing with a monster of epic proportions currently, with many layers. The more I advance into the process, the more I appreciate the necessity of the process, as well as the delivered outcome. Good luck on the book. And enjoy the conference.