Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween! In the writing world, I truly do consider this a frightening day... because NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I won't be participating (one year was enough for me) but I'll be thinking of you all. Blog posts will be shorter next month, filled with fun and games, wisdom, tips, comic strips, etc.

But before we go into a month in which my clients will probably stop talking to me (let me know beforehand if you decide to poof!) and my readers forsake me, let's have some fun with Halloween.

Firstly, check out the agency blog's Authornomics (here) this week, featuring Tex, Editorial Director of Under The Juniper Tree, a dark, literary horror magazine for children's stories and artwork. Find out what makes a great scary story, enter to win a critique with Tex, and find out what he and Marjorie Merle are dressing up as this Halloween! Website here.

Secondly, share some of your favorite sites, topics, pictures, stories, costume, favorite scary book or movie. And tell me what type of Halloween you enjoy: sweet costumes, pumpkin carving, and some Hocus Pocus? Stephen King or slasher flicks, lights off, haunted mansion type of Halloween? Or traditional Day of the Dead festivities?

Myself, I like carving pumpking (mostly so I can toast and eat the seeds), put on a lame costume I've used for several years running, navigate a corn maze, and snuggle down with some good movies; my absolute favorite is the little known but super awesome Monster Squad (shout out if you've seen it).

Lastly, gaze in awe at this:
That is all.

Happy haunting!!


Megan said...

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I watch Hocus Pocus every year, but I also love scary decor and slasher flicks. :)

Sophie H. Morgan said...


Rachel said...

Dear Army Guys,

Come quick. There are monsters.


Cynthia DiFilippo Elomaa said...

Happy Halloween Vickie!

Lindsey R. Loucks said...

Yay Monster Squad! I used to be so in love with Rudy. :)

S. D. Grimm said...

Awesomest jack-o-lantern ever.