Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday Reads: Blood Magic

Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon. Awww, a great Paranormal Romance. And by "awww" I mean mmmm, yummy witch hunters. Good mix of world, character, and steam. Just the kind of mix I like.

In the days when powerful witches used their magic to shield humanity from demons, their allies and guardians were a group of men gifted with preternatural abilities of their own–the witch guardians. But when a band of witches traded their humanity for demonic power, the ancient bond was broken, and the guardians became the hunters.

Darcy MacAlister knows nothing of demons or magic. But this beautiful young woman is about to discover the truth about her past . . . and her future. For she is a witch–not just any witch, but the key to breaking the curse that has plagued witches and the men who hunt them. For if a hunter kills an innocent witch by mistake, the price is no less than a piece of his soul.

Axel Locke, gorgeous leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters, has sworn never to shed the blood of the earth witches who have resisted the temptation of demonic power. But when his sister is cursed by a demon witch, he discovers that Darcy MacAlister may hold the cure–if she can master her newfound powers in time. When the chase begins and Axel and Darcy come face-to-face, this hunter must weigh his soul against his honor–and against his heart.

First Line: "The whispers were nothing new." Starts with Darcy's mother's funeral. Which is great insight into Darcy, how she felt about her mother, life in general, the people around her. Especially since she's a funeral director. I do love women who don't weep at their own mothers' funerals. Er.... that sounded a little strange, didn't it? Oh, and of course, you can't have an opening scene without the mc's life being threatened. So there's that.

Brownie Points: Just one of those great ParaRoms. I especially like the magic--blood/earth magic--and the curse that causes the men (big, hulky men) to crave witches blood. They're trying to protect the witches while still wanting to kill them. Gotta love a hero.

Recommendation: If you love ParaRom and need another good series, try this one. Amazon has it listed with Thea Harrison's The Elder Races or Gena Showalter, and I agree. (and I know you all went out to read it after I rave reviewed Thea) These are the type of books that, if you're writing ParaRom, you have to read. They're formulas for success (boy meets girl, boy wants to kill girl, girl saves boy's soul, boy and girl mate happily ever after).

Would I represent it? I'd love a ParaRom like this one. World building, character arcs, blood, smut. (I do need a departure from YA, you know.)

Happy reading!

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