Friday, November 16, 2012

Fortune Cookie Friday: Confucius Say

Fridays always feel like Chinese food sort of days, and what's takeout without a fortune cookie? Thus, Fridays will bring you tips, tricks, advice, and some riddles that might apply to everything but will turn a light bulb on in your head (or maybe I just like talking like Yoda).

Confucius Say
Some Sex Is Good...More Is Better...Too Much Is Just About Right 

Yeah, okay Confucius, maybe if you're a fifteen year old boy or writing erotica.

Just because your sex scene is oh so delicious, doesn't mean it belongs where your put it. Or at all. Mind your genre and your audience. Always ask yourself, what is the purpose of this scene? If the answer is, "to make a shit-load of money like Fifty Shades," either you're on the right path, or waaay turned around.

Happy writing! 


mshatch said...

I'm in the less is more camp.

Nicole McLaughlin said...

Hmmmm, I've been on the fence about this very thing in my ms. Are you in my brain?? ;)(but it really IS delicious...)

Hall said...

Such a great topic to broach. As long as it is age/audience appropriate (thinking of YA) I say, lead your reader to the bedroom door, but leave the rest to their imagination.

Read Anything said...

This is so true especially since so many folks (and I'd put myself in this camp) can't write a sex scene very well. And reading a bad sex is like...having bad sex?

Unknown said...

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