Monday, September 19, 2011

Authornomics and more!!!

The Andrea Hurst and Associates blog will be continuing its Authornomics series. Every Monday, read a new interview from editors, agents, authors, and other publishing know-how professionals. Get insight, advice, and every so often you might just be able to win a prize.
See the agency blog here. See the schedule for upcoming Authornomics interviews here.

If you're local to the NW, you won't want to miss classes, presentations, and retreat opportunities presented by Andrea Hurst and Associates, Whidbey Island Writer's Association, and other fantastic opportunities. They're always updated on the agency website here, and you can also see upcoming events on the blog sidebar here.

See what else Andrea Hurst and Associates can help you with here; craft, marketing, consults.

And don't forget to read about the agents at the agency here. And, yes! we're on Twitter too! Follow Gordon Warnock and Andrea Hurst. Follow me too! Get me to 1000 followers and there might be something in it for you...


Martha Ramirez said...

Cool! I'll have to send an "invite" to my follows to follow you:) said...

Hi Vickie
I am really enjoying your blog- I hired Andrea's First 50 service for an MG novel I wrote, and she told me about you. I am loving the YA Confidential spot as well. Your Wednesday reads are very helpful- it's cool to see what an agent has to say about some of my favorite books. Currently I am writing a YA paranormal book- Andrea suggested I contact you to see what is out there like it. I don't really feel like sharing the premise on a public blog- could we chat via email? I know you're busy, so if you can't, no worries! Mostly I just wanted to let you know that I am psyched to be on board the blog- and I am reading Shiver right now from your recommendation- I love it!! Thanks!
Marcia Wells

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