Friday, September 2, 2011

Bad Ass Chicks in Leather

One of the reasons I love Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy is the excessive use of leather. I do have to wonder though, are leather pants and leather bustiers really all that comfortable to run and fight in? But I guess that's why our imaginations are so tantalized by the imagery.

Points go to, of course, JR Ward for putting her vampire, demon-fighting good guys in leather pants and shit kickers. Oh those boys...

But I have to love Hannah Jayne's main character in her Underworld Detection Agency series because she does not wear leather, though her vampire roommate certainly does.

Personally, I'd go with camo/canvas pants, but hey, if I were in a novel I'd run around in four inch boots as well.

What other aspects of ParaRom and UF do you love that you'd be hard pressed to find in other genres?

Happy reading!


Tina Moss said...

I agree. Camo would be the way to go. In fact, a side character and butt-kicking heroine in her own right, wears them in my WIP UF.

One thing I love about UF and PR that you can't find in other genres is the range of abilities the heroes and heroines possess. Everything from super strength or speed to a gigantic amount of pheromones make them attractive. It's fun to see what authors come up with since the world building and character traits are not restricted by our "human" world.

Giles Hash said...

I love the Dresden Files specifically because of all of the magic/mythology inherent in fantasy, but it gets combined with so many references to pop- and nerd-culture. Like when Dresden kicks in a door at a horror convention and screams, "And I'm all out of bubblegum!" before blasting the baddy to cinders.

You can't do that in classic fantasy.

Sophie H. Morgan said...

It's hard to write a ParaRom without giving into leather. In one of my earlier WIPs, the hero's brother wears all black but with bright red converses as a silent joke on their species' lust for leather. Only in light ParaRom, which my current one is, does leather not come into it. Well, okay, once, but as high heeled boots. Boots are allowed!

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