Friday, February 3, 2012

Cupid's February Blog Contest

If you're looking for an amazing contest in which agents fight over your work, check out Cupid's BLIND SPEED DATING.

You may remember I mentioned I was in Cupid's January contest against John Cusick, and we found some amazing entries. Plus, the trash talk was fun.

I had so much fun I'm participating again. This time against TEN OTHER AGENTS.

There are two windows of opportunity to submit your work for this month's contest TODAY AND TOMORROW.

The contest is open for ADULT, YA, and MG.

Go to Cupid's Literary Connection here for more details.

Hope to see you in the ring.

Happy fighting--I mean writing!


mshatch said...

my finger is already poised on the send button :)

CUPID said...

haha Loved the "Happy fighting--I mean writing!" line.

So excited to have you!

Thanks for being awesome!

Susan Fields said...

Cupid's contests are awesome - so many wonderful agents and so much fun!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Can't wait to see the trash talk. This will be fun.

Unknown said...

Your write-ups are far more than wow! Welcome to Culture of Asia

Unknown said...

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