Thursday, January 26, 2012

Query Homework

Tomorrow I'll post my January Query post on what to include in a query.

Today I want to direct your attention to an awesome new contest blog, Cupid's Literary Connection, that John Cusick and I just participated on--a love triangle contest--not about love triangles. We battled each other for the best entries.

The reason I'm talking about this instead of my planned January Query topic, is because I'm giving you homework. Go to Cupid's site here and check it out. Read the entries. See the comments. And see which ones John and I picked. It's a great insight into the agent mind and what we're looking for.

Also, the queries are written well and are all to the point (exactly the sort of query I love). It's also a great opportunity for you to try out your query and get feedback. Look for future contests. Next month is Blind Speed Dating (just got your interest, didn't it?).

Happy writing!


Sarah said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip.

David P. King said...

I was able to help one of the selectants with their query. So glad to see her get picked! :)

Cassie Mae said...

It was a great opportunity to see what entices an agent. There were a ton of good entries! And it was also way fun to see you two fight over manuscripts. John better be a fast reader with some of those :)